Mistakes Linda LeBrane Made While Traveling Alone

It was a dark night in June when a menacing band of 4 people forced a woman off a freeway just 30 miles east of Boise in Caldwell, Idaho.
This group of 3 men and 1 woman’s purpose was none other than to rob an innocent person of their money, and life.

The victim-Linda LeBrane never saw it coming. The assault on Linda’s life was brutal.

They stabbed Linda 17 times, slit her throat, and she was left to die. But this attack doesn’t end here. But first, why did they attack her? The reason is because they were looking for money and drugs and perhaps for thrills. Upon finding out that she only had $40 they became violently enraged at her. They beat her with her own aluminum baseball bat.

She was alone, and NOT prepared for what was about to happen to her. Had Linda been carrying some type of self-defense or pepper spray or a stun gun perhaps she could have escaped the violent assault unscathed.

After they terrified and bludgeoned the 40 some year old, the foursome returned later to set her and her car on fire while Linda lay helpless.
Linda LeBranes story is a terrifying story but with important lessons that cannot be forgotten. She survived, but I must tell how she made many mistakes that NO ONE should make.
Here they are:

  • don’t drive around high on drugs. I would not have included this but according to court records Linda was “as high as a kite” when she was assaulted.
  • don’t travel alone at night without any type of self-defense like pepper spray or a gun for example.

  • don’t claim you think or know it was Mexicans or some other minority that committed the assault against you, unless you know for sure it was. Blaming innocent people causes all sorts of problems and does nothing to help catch the actual perpetrators.

    another reason I say this, is because there are people that have been locked up because Linda could NOT positively identify them even after TWO years.

    According to one of the Caldwell police,
    “We still don’t have a name, at least one we can count on,” referring to the woman who was at large at the time. He went on to comment “There’s so much conflicting information about her right now that we don’t know what’s real and what’s Memorex.”

    Because Linda had Caldwell Police searching for Hispanics when they should have been looking for the actual people that committed the crime, it would be years later before authorities actually caught up with the possible culprits.

    Remember Linda LeBrane was as “hi as a kite” according to court documents and I think everyone knows what happens when someone’s on drugs.

    Their credibility goes out the window.

    So how would you feel if you were locked up on charges from a stoner who said you tried to kill her two years ago?

    It is possible that John Wurdemann, Kenneth Wurdemann, Jeremy Sanchez, and the alleged ring leader Sarah Pearce were wrongfully convicted. I’m not convinced that these four are the actual murders in this attack.

    I am by no means saying they are not the attackers. All I’m saying is that this case needs to be examined better, and needs to be brought into the public’s eye. You can help by forwarding this article to everyone you know. Perhaps the real attackers are still out there, and perhaps the wrongfully accused can be set free.

    What do you think? After reading about this story which has been on A & E and America’s Most Wanted, how do you feel? Do you think the alleged attackers are the ones that should be locked up or do you think there is a possibility that this case needs to be looked at further?

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  • 1 Response to “Mistakes Linda LeBrane Made While Traveling Alone”

    1. 1 Brooke
      July 9, 2009 at 2:43 am

      While I appreciate the fact that you are purporting to tell a story about being safe while traveling alone, your repeated attempts to drag Linda’s character through the mud undermine your supposed purpose.

      Whether or not Linda was stoned at the time of the attack does not matter. It would matter if she had been involved in a traffic accident, however, that is not what happened. She was completely innocent in the attack. She was the victim. There is nothing she did that caused this to happen.

      You mention that she should have had pepper spray. I agree that a woman traveling alone at night on rural highways should consider some form of protection. But, really. How many people high on methamphetamines can you disable with one can of pepper spray?

      You mention that she should have carried a stun gun. Not four stun guns? Have you ever watched the news? Even cops have trouble subduing people with stun guns who are high on crack or meth. Your intimated that if she had followed your advice she would have emerged from this unscathed. Do you honestly believe that? Your are now trying to subtly lay blame for this heinous crime at her feet because she wasn’t carrying four stun guns or four cans of pepper spray.

      You mention that Linda’s credibility goes out the window because she was stoned. So, what, you’re saying she beat herself with the bat, slit her own throat, stabbed herself in the back and set her own car on fire? She is the victim of an unbelievable crime. Four people tried to murder her. She was a woman, alone, at night, in a field. Scared out of her mind. And for that alone I’d forgive her for not having perfect recollection of the people involved. It’s up to law enforcement to find the people who did this to her. If they relied too heavily upon her eyewitness testimony then the fault lies with the POLICE, not her. Why would she LIE and make up stuff? Maybe she was, oh, I don’t know, confused about whether they were Mexican or Indian? Perhaps because she was stabbed and beaten? Even people who were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol make mistakes in eyewitness testimony.

      Finally, if there is any actual doubt that the people behind bars for the attack are innocent then the case should be examined further. Perhaps more attention should be paid to the case.

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